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Professional Maternity Photographer in Kent

Professional Maternity Photographer in Kent

The months leading up to birth are exciting, joyous, and a little scary. A maternity photoshoot gives you a chance to relax and focus on the beauty of your pregnancy.
I can help document this stage of your journey. With professional maternity photos from EM Photography, you can capture the anticipation of introducing a new life to the world.
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Affordable Maternity Photo Shoot Packages in the UK

Getting your home ready for a baby tends to require a lot of shopping. Baby gates, cribs, toys, clothes, diapers, and dozens of other items may not leave much room for other purchases.EM Photography maternity photoshoot packages provide options for any budget. Preparing for a baby shower and putting the last touches on the nursery may also leave you pressed for time. With one-hour or two-hour packages, you should have no problem squeezing in a photo session. Hiring a professional maternity photographer in Kent is affordable and convenient. You can immortalise this precious time in your life without stressing about the cost or the time. I work with mothers to plan a comfortable, relaxing photoshoot. Keeping you comfortable makes it easier to highlight the natural glow of your pregnancy. Browse my photo galleries on this site to review a few examples.

Why Should You Consider Getting Maternity Photos?

Planning for the arrival of a new child is never easy. Between preparing the nursery and buying baby supplies, you don’t have a lot of time.Maternity photos provide lifelong mementos of this extraordinary time in your life. Other reasons to hire a professional maternity photographer in Kent include:

  • Celebrate the joy of your pregnancy.
  • Encapsulate a special moment in time.
  • Use your photos for a big reveal.
  • Involve siblings in the photoshoot.

With your own maternity photoshoot, you receive professionally photographed images that provide lifelong reminders of this important time.

Some women choose to use these photos for the gender reveal or for save-the-date cards for the baby shower. You may also decide to use the photos to round out the baby scrapbook.

You can even get siblings involved in the shoot. If you have other children, including them in the shoot makes the occasion more special and allows them to join the fun.

No matter the reason for wanting maternity photos, I can ensure that they come out beautifully. My name is Irena Paskauskaite. As a mother of a young daughter, I know how unique this time is and would love to help you capture it in a set of photographs.

When should you schedule your session with a professional maternity photographer in Kent? Whenever you want. Choose a time that’s comfortable for you.

Many women choose to schedule their maternity photo sessions during the seventh or eighth months of their pregnancies. By about 30 weeks, your belly should be fully showing. However, everyone has her own preferences.

If you want to discuss these options, I’d enjoy hearing from you. Contact me today at EM Photography to schedule a meeting or book your maternity photoshoot.