Em Photography

About Me

My name is Irena Paskauskaite Newborn and family photographer based in Kent. I was born and raised in a beautiful country-side in Lithuania,  in a five-girl „gang“, and I still get mesmerized by sunsets and by frog choirs right after the sunsets. They do this to me every time I go back for holiday, so my bar is high for things coming from the heart and staying close to nature, even when we talk about what I do for a living. Talk about nostalgia!

Having lived in the UK since 2010 and have raised my 2-year-old cheeky daughter, and being blessed with another dozen nieces and nephews, I’ve never been as inspired. This might be the reason my biggest passion is children photography.

What is your story? I’d love to hear it, and then maybe capture it? Whether it’s the time you’re expecting a little one, or you’d like a photo shoot of your toddler, the family or wedding.  I’d love you to share your vision. I’m all for a chat over a cup of coffee if the universe says we must. 

I’m out for a shoot. Hope we’ll see you there soon!